Creativity and Running Wild

Over these last two weeks my child did a self update from Agreeable Crawling Infant to Walking Toddler 1.0 complete with the no head shake feature which she regularly demonstrates. For some reason she thinks that just because she can walk without holding onto me now that she is grown enough to make all her own decisions. For some reason I don’t seem to be able to trust the judgement of someone who tries to eat as many non-food items as she does. However, now that she can walk away, she returns to me with even more cuddles and love than before.

She is walking!

Once I was finally able to make it to the grocery store I kind of went cooking crazy. I bought a pumpkin (my first of the season)! But unlike most, I don’t carve mine, I make food! I cut the pumpkin in half, gut it, rub it with olive oil all over, then bake each half for about an hour at 400.

Into the oven!

Once they cool enough to touch, the skin just peels right off and you are left with fresh pumpkin pulp. I have a nut milk bag i use to strain most of the water out, then I jar the remainder. I made my own pie crusts with this recipe :

I used this recipe to make the filling:

Here is the result!

Pumpkin Pie from scratch

I also made zucchini bites from that gigantic zucchini I got from the food bank and made my own ranch

Zucchini Bites with homemade ranch

Ranch recipe:

Zucc bites recipe:

And then two nights ago I made homemade biscuits for the first time and Bill made his gravy!

Breakfast for Dinner

Biscuit recipe:

Oh ya, and last weekend Bill and I baked some scones for the first time together

Of course we covered them in icing 😀

Today, with Bills permission, I took his old work shirts from Best Buy and with one of the many he has, I cut it up, leaving as much fabric as possible. Then using my sewing machine, I sewed the strips into long socks. The finished one is filled with corn and rice. They will sit in our window sill to keep out cold drafts in the winter saving on heating cost. And it cost nothing but my time (so far, I still need to get more rice and corn).


So that’s my 2 weeks. Just so you know i’m human here is a VERY unflattering happy picture Bill took of me drinking a hard cider in celebration because I finally got Shae down after a long hard day (however she woke up an hour after this was taken).

I wish I had time to clean up this blog, but Shae is COVERED in peanut butter and banana. Byeeee!

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